About Us

Tulco Oils is a premier, solutions based lubricant manufacturer serving several industries while always looking to innovate and expand. We first opened our doors in 1957 and through the years have transitioned into the Lubsoil™ brand of high quality, designed lubricants. Over the years, we have created products that not only maintain the highest consistency and quality, but compete with all major branded lubricants. Both our Tulsa and Arlington facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality. Today, we develop, manufacture, and deliver the absolute highest quality lubricants available across the world with an unparalleled commitment to the customer.

We have the knowledge and experience to get customers the highest quality products to meet their exact needs. Why pay more for inferior quality when you can have an oil customized for your application delivered by a company that will be taking care of you every step of the way? Tulco provides support and a customer-centered experience from research and development to delivery. Tulco doesn’t want you to just use any oil, we want you to use the best oil at the best price.

Our commitment to expansion and delivering quality every step of the way has led us to invest in our facilities. After a $5 MM capital expansion, we now have the most state of the art in-house blending and compounding facility in the United States. Unlike major brands’ off-the-shelf oils, our Lubsoil line can be customized to any equipment application as well as food grade and synthetic markets.

Today we have products sold in 29 countries and plan to expand to 50 more. We have increased our warehouse space, constructed stainless steel tanks, built a dedicated truck fleet to deliver products, and developed a state of the art lab to ensure the highest level of quality control.

Tulco Oils provides a full range of products, extensive technical support, as well as customer-driven programs. We set the industry pace in all facets of lubricant service. From state-of-the-art order and delivery systems, to dispensing equipment, product tech support, in-plant surveys and programs – including Total Fluid Management – Tulco Oils takes pride in offering our clients the best every day.

Delivery Services

Whether you need a single drum or a 6,500-gallon bulk delivery, Tulco has the capability to get your product to you on time and with easy delivery tracking. We have a company-owned and operated fleet of trucks to get national deliveries where they are going. We have recently updated all of our vehicles to offer increased safety and reliability.

We offer a wide variety of delivery systems to meet every application.

Technical Support

Tulco Oils provides the most comprehensive technical support available, including ongoing quality assurance. We have recently completed a 1,000-sq. ft. lab to meet the growing demand for comprehensive research and development, testing, and analysis. We maintain the highest quality control standards throughout our process. We solve problems quickly, efficiently, and always to the customers’ satisfaction.


If your business is interested in becoming a valued distributor of the highest quality oils available, please call (800) 375-2347. We can help you grow your profits by offering the same or better products as major brands, but at a lower price.