About Us

There’s a good chance you’ll encounter a lubricant manufactured and distributed by Tulco Oils in some product virtually every day. That’s because Tulco Oils is a one of the leading distributors of high-quality lubricants in the United States, providing a full range of services, products and technology. From its corporate headquarters in Tulsa and three strategic divisional locations, Tulco Oils serves a multitude of industries. Specializing in blended and compounded industrial lubricants, Tulco Oils literally greases the way for applications ranging from heavy industry to food grade products.

Founded in 1957, Tulco Oils has been a top-rated regional distributor for decades, and markets petroleum, semi-synthetic and full synthetic Lubsoil® brand lubricants. Tulco Oils also offers designed lubricants as a custom blender, compounder and packager of finished lubricants. Today, Tulco Oils ships lubricants around the world to international markets. Tulco Oils provides convenient state-of-the-art ordering via the internet, ongoing quality control, up-to-date specifications, professional technical support, independent lab analysis services, in-plant programs and turnkey fluid management. Tulco Oils offers quality products, high-tech support and comprehensive service.

Comprehensive Services

Tulco Oils provides a full range of products, extensive technical support plus customer-driven programs. We set the industry pace in all facets of lubricant service. From state-of-the-art order and delivery systems, to dispensing equipment, product tech support, in-plant surveys and programs – including Total Fluid Management – Tulco Oils takes pride in offering our clients our best every day.

Delivery Systems

We offer a wide variety of delivery systems to meet every application.

Technical Support

Most comprehensive technical support available; we provide ongoing quality assurance and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

In-plant Programs & Total Fluid Management

Thorough review and analysis of all fluid and lubricant needs, with the focus on streamlining the operations of plants to improve economics and business practices. Total Fluid Management from Tulco Oils is a fully-integrated program which provides “turnkey” services to customers – all required lubricants are monitored and maintained by Tulco Oils – in essence “we keep it filled.” Our goal is your peace of mind, with a comprehensive program that provides greater efficiency, reduces inventory requirements, assures quality control, automates lubricant records and lowers manpower costs.