Gas Processing


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+Synthetic PAG Compressor Fluids

Lubsoil® Synthetic PAG Compressor Fluids are polyalkylene glycol based gas compressor lubricants with distinctive additives for use in reciprocating, screw, and rotary compressors for natural or hydrocarbon process gas.

They are specifically designed to minimize viscosity dilution and extend equipment life. High resistance to gas dilution of the lubricant ensures proper lubricant viscosity is maintained, thereby ensuring adequate oil film thickness and efficient compressor lubrication. Lubsoil® Synthetic PAG Compressor Lubricants are a precise synthesis of premium PAG base oil and sophisticated additives to ensure long service life, excellent wear protection, corrosion resistance


+Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Fluids

Synthetic DECP Refrigeration Compressor Fluids are fully formulated ISO grade polyalkylene glycol lubricants designed specifically for applications with hydrocarbon refrigerants in industrial systems. These products are specialty double end-capped PAGs, manufactured to exacting standards and providing high and consistent product quality as demonstrated by high levels of double end-capping efficiency. These fluids are formulated to provide the highest level of performance in systems and are offered in the ISO VG range of 46-150, in accordance with the typical requirements of most system designs.


+Synthetic Compressor Fluids

Synthetic Compressor Fluids are specially designed and formulated synthetic lubricant for natural gas compressors. The unique additive chemistries provide excellent resistance to carbon and varnish build up, while providing superior lubricity, anti-wear and oxidative stability.

They are formulated to reduce lubricant consumption and extend drain intervals in comparison to conventional mineral oil products. It also inhibits the formation of corrosion from hydrogen sulphide gases.


+Heat Transfer Fluids

The Lubsoil® Heat Transfer series are high performance heat transfer fluids that can operate over a broad temperature range of -15°F to 660°F (-25°C to 345°C) and can be used in non-pressurized systems. Lubsoil® Heat Transfer fluids are available in various formulations and operating ranges, all provide excellent, efficient operation, minimum maintenance and precise temperature control. A major advantage of liquid heat transfer is lower cost installation and operation. Capital cost is reduced by elimination of larger diameter piping, safety valves, steam traps and water treatment facilities. Operating cost is reduced by low maintenance requirements and reduced make-up.


+Inhibited TEG Fluids

Inhibited TEG Fluids are an inhibited TEG designed for use in today’s natural gas dehydration systems. The specially formulated inhibitor additive package meets the challenges of maintaining high levels of system performance during the dehydration process. Degradation without compromising the moisture removal in the system. These resist thermal glycol degradation without compromising the moisture removal in the system.


+Synthetic Gear PAG Fluids

SYNTHETIC PG GEAR FLUIDS are a range of poly glycol based synthetic extreme pressure gear lubricants, providing high levels of load carrying capacity and wear protection. The ranges are designed to enable continuous operation at high temperature, with minimized friction and good thermal and oxidative stability properties. Synthetic PG Gear Fluids allow thermally stable operation at temperatures exceeding 200°C, and offer anticipated service lifetimes of all grades in excess of 10,000 hours at 100°C, enabling extended service intervals and in some instances a fill-for-life lubricant. They are formulated to ensure excellent white and yellow metal corrosion protection, high temperature stability, and superior antifoaming properties. The low temperature fluidity enables operation at temperatures not possible with mineral oil based products of comparable viscosity.



When in doubt about the appropriate product for a specific application, always contact your Tulco Oils Inc. company representative. For safety information see the Lubsoil Material Safety Data Sheet and the product label. For more information, please call 1-855-LUBSOIL.