Transmission Fluids

LUBSOIL Transmission and Drive Train Fluids are formulated to yield superior shear strength and provide excellent friction and thermal stability for consistent/optimum performance in virtually every global transmission application. LUBSOIL transmission fluids demonstrate enhanced performance and power transfer under high horsepower, increased loads, and higher operating temperatures. These premier LUBSOIL fluids provide excellent protection against rust, wear, oxidation, and deposit formation. Every LUBSOIL transmission product is carefully designed for complete system compatibility including clutch face and seal materials. Each LUBSOIL transmission fluid meets the stringent friction requirements established by all major car, truck, construction and heavy-equipment manufacturers. LUBSOIL transmission formulations are fabricated to meet specific temperature, service-life, and clutch criteria established by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

LUBSOIL transmission fluids exhibit improved operating performance while enabling product consolidation. Applications for LUBSOIL transmission fluids include heavy-duty construction equipment and power-shift transmissions. Specific formulations exceed the performance requirements for GM DEXRON-VI, Ford Mercon V, Mercon SP & Mercon, Toyota T-IV & WS, Honda/Acura, Volvo, Mercedes, BMW and JASO fluids. These formulations are also compatible for use in transmissions previously serviceable by GM DEXRON or DEXRONIII (H) and Ford Mercon brands. LUBSOIL transmission fluids meet Allison C-4 (SAE 10w and 30grades), Caterpillar TO-4, CD/TO-2 – all grades, Detroit Diesel, Allison Division of GMC C3 requirements.

Specific LUBSOIL transmission fluids are farm tractor fluids. These multifunctional LUBSOIL hydraulic/transmission fluids are designed to lubricate tractor transmissions, hydraulics, differential and final drive gears, and act as a power steering, power brake, and power drive fluid. LUBSOIL farm tractor fluids provide the correct friction and heat transfer characteristics for effective and long-lasting operation of tractor wet brakes and power take-off units. LUBSOIL farm tractor fluids meet or exceed virtually all tractor manufacturers specifications and can be used where any of the following are specified:

John Deere Quatrol, J20A,-J20D, HY-Gard J14 B/C, Type 303, Case New Holland MS-1204, MS-1205 (TFD II), MS-1206(PTF),MS-1207(HyTran Plus),MS1209; MS-1210(TCH), B-6,(JIC-144),(JIC145),TFD(JIC-143 & 146);Hi-Vis (JIC-185). Massey-Ferguson M1110, M1127B, M1129A, M1135(European Spec.), M1141 (PermatranIII), White Farm Equip. Q1705, Q1722 Q1766B(UHTF), Q1802, Q1826, Ford-New Holland M2C134-A/B/C/D,M2C86-B/C(European Spec.), (M2C41-B)(M2C48-A/B),(M2C53-A/B) (M2C43), (M2C92-A). Deutz-Allis HTF ( PF821), 821XL, Caterpillar TO-2, IMT, International Hough (Dresser), KIOTA, KOMATSU, KOMATSU/Dresser, KUBOTA Universal Transdraulic Fluid (UTD), I.H.(B-6), Oliver Type 55, Steiger, Versatile, Hesston Fiat, and Elgin street sweepers, Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, Eaton Hydraulics, Vickers I-2986-S, M-2950-S and Sauer-Sunstrand Hydraulics, Cinci.-Milacron P-68, Agco-Allis, Allis Chalmers PF 821XL, Allison (ATD) C-3, C-2 Renk-Doromat 873 or 874A/B Bus Trans (Unmodified units only), Belarus, David Brown, McCormick Farmall, Minneapolis-Moline, Mitsubishi, New Idea, Universal, Valmet, Volvo WB-101, among others.