Industrial & Circulating Oils


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+Circulating & Industrial Oils

LUBSOIL Circulating Oils and Industrial Oils are premium quality lubricants uniquely formulated from acutely refined base oils with advanced additive packages producing exceptional, long life products. These premium LUBSOIL products provide critical stability and long service life to your important machinery, components, and equipment.

LUBSOIL circulating oils and industrial oils demonstrate strict anti-foam properties and protect against rust and corrosion under the most severe conditions. These premier LUBSOIL products provide crucial metal-to-metal lubrication under sliding and impact-loading conditions. LUBSOIL circulating oils and industrial oils demonstrate superior oil-to-metal adhesion and possess a unique capability to provide vital lubrication in challenging operating conditions. These high-quality LUBSOIL products demonstrate critical demulsibility which allows them to reject destructive water and contaminants. LUBSOIL circulating oils and industrial oils are formulated with low pour and channel points. These properties permit consistent and critical flow to lubricated surfaces, even at sub-zero temperatures. Additional protection over a wide range of temperatures is supplied through an intrinsic high-viscosity index.

LUBSOIL circulating oils and industrial oils have an extensive history of exceptional performance in critical applications including large turbines, electric motors, EP bearings and gears, rock drill and pneumatic air tools, heat transfer systems, farm and heavy construction equipment, milling machines, horizontal and vertical boring mills, planers, lathes, shapers, textile and machine tool spindles, surface and underground mining equipment, generator sets, vacuum pumps, compressors, various additional machine tools, and other circulating lubrication systems.

Many unique LUBSOIL formulations carry official approvals from original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) including GE, Westinghouse, Brown, Boveri, ASA Brown and Siemens and Cincinnati Milacron. Other LUBSOIL products are fabricated to meet Chicago Pneumatic, Gardner-Denver, and Ingersoll-Rand specifications for pneumatic tools. Several LUBSOIL products are approved as an alternative for AGMA-4EP. Many LUBSOIL formulations are proven to effectively separate from water and they have passed U.S. Steel industry and American Gear Manufactures (AGMA) standards for demulsibility.


+Hydraulic Oils

Tulco Oils offers a full line of superior synthetic, food grade, and mineral based hydraulic oils and circulating fluids. Our LUBSOIL hydraulic oils are specifically formulated with premium quality base stocks and superior additive systems. LUBSOIL hydraulic oils are commonly used in high pressure hydraulic systems, compressors, vacuum pumps, air-line lubrication, N/C machine tools, circulating systems, and other high-output equipment where sustained heat may be prevalent.

LUBSOIL hydraulic oils offer outstanding resistance to sludge formation, superior water separation, superior rust protection, are chemically stable, and exhibit excellent anti-wear protection. Our NSF H-1 registered food grade hydraulic oils are formulated with highest quality and purity of white mineral oil base stocks, and the latest technology of food grade additive systems. These oils provide excellent protection for food processing equipment systems where metal to metal contact can cause premature failure.

A Sampling of the various LUBSOIL hydraulic oil properties include:

  • LUBSOIL synthetic food grade hydraulic oils are certified NSF H-1 and meet 21CFR 178.3570 for incidental contact with food. They are colorless, tasteless, odorless, and non-staining.
  • LUBSOIL hydraulic oils incorporate either the latest in thermally stable zinc-type additives, or are zinc-free and will not contribute to either the formation of metal-etching acids or corrosive reactants per the EPA requirements.
  • LUBSOIL hydraulic oils offer the optimum in anti-wear protection in vane, piston, and gear pumps, motors, valves, and other hydraulic circuit components
  • LUBSOIL hydraulic oils meet or exceed the most stringent testing requirements and carry the official approval from Cincinnati Milacron for their P-68, P-69 and P-70 specifications. These oils also meet and exceed the specifications for Denison HF-0, Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S
  • LUBSOIL hydraulic oils meet the general physical and performance requirements of the European classifications including DIN 51524 Part 2(HLP) ISO-VG Grades 22-220


+Chain Oils

LUBSOIL Chain oils are specially formulated with premium quality base stocks and proprietary adhesion agents to provide long-lasting lubrication and wear protection to all types of chain drive machinery. LUBSOIL chain oils remain in chain drives longer, control particulate contamination, and protect against wash out. LUBSOIL chain oils minimize noise, stretch, and wear by preventing rust and oxidation.

LUBSOIL chain oils significantly reduce oil slip and oil throw. Certain LUBSOIL formulations contain a light film for high penetration in dusty environments. Other formulations are synthesized for high load and/or high temperatures. LUBSOIL chain oils are compatible with most seals and polymers and provide superior, flexible chain action to conveyor, drive, roller and lift chains, chain drives, ways, guides, slides, pins, bushings, bearings, chain saws, cables, wire rope, and many other applications.


+Electrical Fluids

LUBSOIL transformer oils are superior electrical insulating oils uniquely formulated with crucial oxidation stability to effectively resist acid formation and protect critical insulation and components while continuously cooling electrical windings. LUBSOIL transformer oil’s include both TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 fluids and many formulations have a minimum of 2000 PPM of oxidation inhibition. LUBSOIL transformer formulations do not contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) as confirmed by rigorous third-party laboratory testing. LUBSOIL transformer oils are engineered with low pour points which allow these premium transformer oils to flow at very low temperatures. LUBSOIL transformer oils meet General Electric’s specification A13A3A2 (10C) and Westinghouse’s PD 55822 AV Rev. T-WEMCO CI. LUBSOIL transformer oils are designed for use in transformers, circuit breakers, oil-filled switches, X-ray equipment, and many other electric applications.

Storage Precautions
The critical properties of LUBSOIL transformer oils are easily compromised by pollutants. Typical contaminants include moisture, particulates, and fibers. Tulco Oils strongly recommends that these products are kept indoors in controlled climates. LUBSOIL transformer oils are shipped with an airtight seal that should be maintained until use.



When in doubt about the appropriate product for a specific application, always contact your Tulco Oils Inc. company representative. For safety information see the Lubsoil Material Safety Data Sheet and the product label. For more information, please call 1-855-LUBSOIL.