Metalworking Coolants & Oils


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+Metalworking Oils

LUBSOIL LUBSCUT and Metalworking Oils are formulated with premium base stocks and state of the art additive systems to provide optimum performance in all types of metalworking operations. LUBSCUT products are formulated for straight cutting oil applications where heavy-duty metal removal is continuous. LUBSCUT contains lubricity agents to provide extended tool life. These cutting oils are recommended for all types of machinability ratings.

The low viscosities of the various LUBSCUT metalworking formulations improve chip removal from the cutting zones. LUBSCUT metalworking oils provide excellent finishes to precisely machined materials and parts. LUBSCUT metalworking lubricants demonstrate high performance in drilling, cutting, threading, screw machine, shaving, grinding, reaming, honing, lapping, broaching, tapping, gear cutting, turning, milling, and other metal removal processes.


+Metalworking Coolants

LUBSOIL LUBSCOOL metalworking coolants are built with pure synthetic or premium semi-synthetic base stocks and fortified with proprietary lubricity and extreme pressure (EP) additives. LUBSCOOL coolants are proven to extend tool life and promote finely finished machined surfaces. LUBSCOOL metalworking coolants are low foaming and prevent burning, cracking and are non-staining in light, moderate, and heavy machining. Many LUBSCOOL products contain the necessary biocides which make them highly resistant to biological attack while improving tank life. The proprietary LUBSCOOL formulations allow for reduced waste disposal costs and refined waste treatment. Many LUBSCOOL metalworking coolants are water miscible resulting in a tight, stable emulsions that effectively reject tramp oils and prevent insoluble residues.

LUBSCOOL metalworking coolants provide excellent corrosion protection to preserve parts and equipment and promote efficiency. LUBSCOOL coolants separate fines and chips easily and do not produce tacky residues. LUBSCOOL coolants can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and many versions are free of DEA, sulfurized, chlorinated, and phosphorous –containing additives. Additionally, LUBSCOOL formulations have been independently tested to confirm they do not promote growth of mycobacterium. LUBSCOOL metal working coolants are used in machining, grinding, drilling, tapping, turning, steel roll forming, milling, broaching, and sawing of ferrous, non-ferrous, and aviation type materials.

LUBSCOOL metalworking coolants offer the following Advantages & Benefits

  • Versatile – safe and effective for use on a variety of metals in various applications
  • Clean running fluids in true solutions which provide stability and promote longer tank life
  • Unique formulations for aluminum, titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel and aerospace materials
  • Ultra-modern cooling chemistries with superior rust and corrosion protection
  • Stable in soft or hard water with a very mild pH for enhanced operator safety
  • Biostatic formulations promote excellent microbial control with diminished need for biocides
  • Can be filtered and/or centrifuged without detrimental effects
  • Suitable for both central and individual machine sumps


+Grinding Fluids

LUBSOIL SYNGRIND and SUPERGRIND are light-colored, high-flash grinding fluids blended from synthetic base stocks with state of the art synthetic additives. SYNGRIND and SUPERGRIND eliminate burn and promote extended wheel life. SYNGRIND and SUPERGRIND are recommended for grinding worm, helical and spur gears, as well as many other applications for this highly versatile product.

LUBSOIL SYNGRIND and SUPERGRIND can be used with all types of metals and they formulated with light, low viscosities. SYNGRIND and SUPERGRIND minimize fluid loss thru filtration media commonly found in modern, high speed, automatic grinding machines.


+Stamping Fluids

LUBSOIL LUBSTAMP stamping fluids are metal working products specifically formulated to prevent seizing, galling, and tearing of metals used in stamping or lining. LUBSTAMP stamping fluids are a blend of highly refined base oils and select additives that are specially designed to enhance lubricity and promote superior extreme-pressure protection. Many LUBSTAMP products are specially formulated to meet both OSHA and Rule 66-3 safety requirements for flash point. LUBSTAMP stamping fluids do not contain sulfur or chlorine additives and will not stain aluminum or copper alloys. Many LUBSTAMP formulations are clear and colorless with odor-free organic solvents. These formulations evaporate after use and leave a clean, dry, work piece. LUBSTAMP stamping fluids can be used in a wide variety of stamping and forming operations.


+Honing Oils

LUBSOIL HONING Oils are the next generation of high performance, heavy duty honing oils. LUBSOIL Honing oils are designed and engineered from premium, fully refined based stocks and contain extreme pressure (EP), anti-weld, and lubricity additives. LUBSOIL Honing oils provide superior finishes for all types of metals. LUBSOIL Honing oils are also proven to prolong honing equipment life.

LUBSOIL Honing oils are uniquely formulated to provide exceptional cleansing action which provides superior work piece visibility and prevents the use of incorrect fluids. LUBSOIL Honing oils are designed for all slow, moderate, and high speed honing operations.


+Quench Oils


LUBSOIL LUBSQUENCH OILS are premium quality quenching oils. LUBSQUENCH oils are manufactured to meet strictly maintained standards for quenching oils, which benefit both the operator and production efficiency. LUBSQUENCH oils have excellent thermal and oxidation stability. LUBSQUENCH formulations exhibit high viscosity indexes, offer excellent wetting abilities, and superior oxidative stability for long lasting operation.

LUBSQUENCH oils are recommended for applications where it is important to develop maximum steel hardness while minimizing distortion. LUBSQUENCH premium quench oils are effective for quenching tightly packed parts in baskets where circulation of the quenching medium is hampered. LUBSQUENCH can be used effectively over a wide range of bath temperatures from 130°F to 200°F. Please consult your Tulco Oils representative for additional technical specifications, to include transition temperatures, “H” values and quench curve data.


+Cleaning Fluids


LUBSOIL LUBSCLEAN products are uniquely formulated for a multitude of tough industrial cleaning jobs. Several LUBSCLEAN formulations are high sudsing, safe, economical, all-purpose cleaners. LUBSCLEAN also comes in mild alkaline formulations intended for cleaning out machine tool coolant systems. These formulations effectively clean and sanitize sumps by killing both bacteria and fungus. LUBSCLEAN products can be safely added in low concentrations to coolant systems several hours before use.

LUBSCLEAN formulations reduce clean out times by mixing with old/contaminated coolant while cleaning and sanitizing without disrupting production. LUBSCLEAN formulations offer excellent wetting abilities, essential biocide packages, and provide interim corrosion protection. As with every LUBSOIL product, please contact your Tulco Oils sales representative for assistance with detailed instructions for proper application of this product.



When in doubt about the appropriate product for a specific application, always contact your Tulco Oils Inc. company representative. For safety information see the Lubsoil Material Safety Data Sheet and the product label. For more information, please call 1-855-LUBSOIL.