Rust Preventative & Form Release Oils


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+Rust Preventatives


LUBSOIL LUBSCOTE rust preventive fluids are premium-quality, multi-purpose coating oils that are specially formulated for protection in all types of metals and as vapor space rust inhibitors. LUBSCOTE rust preventative fluids provide improved protection over conventional slushing oils as their specialized additive package provides for enhanced water displacement. LUBSCOTE has extensive proven performance in engines that have been drained and stacked for years. These engines exhibited no interior rust proving LUBSCOTE’s ability to create a vapor barrier against moisture and corrosive gases that cause rusting, interior corrosion, and pitting.

Several LUBSCOTE formulations leave a clear, dry film that coats metals and repels water and chemicals that cause or accelerate corrosion. The protective film is non-adhesive and will not attract dirt or air born contaminants. Several LUBSCOTE formulations meet or exceed the minimum OSHA safety requirement for flash point. Due to their higher flash points, LUBSCOTE rust preventive fluids are safer than comparable products. LUBSCOTE is easily applied by spray, dip or brush and LUBSCOTE is compatible with most lubricating oils. LUBSCOTE may not require cleaning, dependent upon application, assembly or use. Vapor degreasing, solvent cleaning, or alkaline solution rinses are appropriate for LUBSCOTE formulations that require cleaning.


+Form Release Oils

LUBSOIL Form Release Oils are the latest generation of concrete form release oils. LUBSOIL form release oils offer superior finishes to concrete and provide a non-stick film for easy form release. LUBSOIL form release oils do not produce pitting or impede drying time and reduce or eliminate build-up on forms. The various LUBSOIL form release oils are either colorless or pale colored with light viscosities and are applied neat without dilution.

LUBSOIL form release oils are non-staining and can be applied by spray, brush, or dip methods. LUBSOIL form release oils are designed to work with all types of form materials.


+Metal Cleaning Fluids

LUBSOIL LUBSCLEAN products are uniquely formulated for a multitude of tough industrial cleaning jobs. Several LUBSCLEAN formulations are high sudsing, safe, economical, all-purpose cleaners. LUBSCLEAN also comes in mild alkaline formulations intended for cleaning out machine tool coolant systems. These formulations effectively clean and sanitize sumps by killing both bacteria and fungus. LUBSCLEAN products can be safely added in low concentrations to coolant systems several hours before use. LUBSCLEAN formulations reduce clean out times by mixing with old/contaminated coolant while cleaning and sanitizing without disrupting production. LUBSCLEAN formulations offer excellent wetting abilities, essential biocide packages, and provide interim corrosion protection. As with every LUBSOIL product, please contact your Tulco Oils sales representative for assistance with detailed instructions for proper application of this product.


+Synthetic Rust and Oxidation

Lubsoil synthetic R&O fluids are formulated with the ultra-premium synthetic base fluids and incorporate the latest technological advances in additive systems. The LUBSOIL synthetic R&O fluids provide superior anti-wear, rust, corrosion, and extreme pressure protection for all types of high-pressure circulating systems including vain, piston, and gear pumps. LUBSOIL synthetic R&O fluids are designed to provide excellent lubrication for enclosed industrial gears and heavily loaded plain and roller bearings. LUBSOIL synthetic R&O fluids are specially formulated to not harm yellow metals such as brass, copper and bronze. These premier fluids have very low sludge formation tendencies and with their low pour points and high viscosity indexes, they demonstrate excellent low & high temperature oil film strength and increase overall equipment performance.

LUBSOIL synthetic series R&) fluids offer the following Advantages & Benefits

  • Excellent Oxidation and Thermal Stability
  • Excellent Anti-Wear Properties
  • Very Low Varnish and Sludge Tendencies
  • Exceptional Low Pour Points
  • High Viscosity Index
  • Extended Service Life
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Excellent Rust Protection
  • Excellent Demulsability
  • Compatible with most seal materials
  • Meet solar turbine specification ES9-224w



When in doubt about the appropriate product for a specific application, always contact your Tulco Oils Inc. company representative. For safety information see the Lubsoil Material Safety Data Sheet and the product label. For more information, please call 1-855-LUBSOIL.